Stardew Valley OST Soundtrack Colored Vinyl Set New

Stardew Valley OST Soundtrack Colored Vinyl Set New

Stardew Valley OST Soundtrack Colored Vinyl Set New





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Complete OST + 1.4/1.5 Soundtrack


A1Stardew Valley Overture2:26
A2Cloud Country1:30
A3Grandpa’s Theme1:02
A4Settling In1:48
A5Spring (It’s A Big World Outside)3:56
A6Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)4:23
A7Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam)4:05
B1Pelican Town2:17
B2Flower Dance0:30
B3Fun Festival1:57
B4Distant Banjo1:55
B5Song Of Feathers (Emily’s Theme)1:46
B6Emily’s Dance1:02
B7Pickle Jar Rag (Haley’s Theme)1:05
B8A Glimpse Of The Other World (Wizard’s Theme)1:46
B9Frozen Pizza And Eggs (Shane’s Theme)1:14
B10Load Game1:52
C1Summer (Nature’s Crescendo)3:28
C2Summer (The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky)3:38
C3Summer (Tropicala)3:22
C4Calico Desert2:08
C5Country Shop1:04
C6The Stardrop Saloon1:23
C7Luau Festival1:30
D1Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies1:51
D3Starwatcher (Maru’s Theme)1:40
D4A Sad Song (Alex’s Theme)0:56
D5A Dark Corner Of The Past0:37
D6Violin Solo0:23
D7Alex’s Keepsake0:41
D9Journey Of The Prarie King (Overworld)1:44
D10Journey Of The Prarie King (The Outlaw)1:06
D11Journey Of The Prarie King (Final Boss & Ending)1:23
D12Band Practice0:15
D13Sam’s Band (Electronic Version)1:03
D14Sam’s Band (Pop Version)1:04
D15Sam’s Band (Bluegrass Version)1:02
D16Sam’s Band (Heavy Version)1:01
E1Fall (The Smell Of Mushroom)3:33
E2Fall (Ghost Synth)2:37
E3Fall (Raven’s Descent)2:49
E4Buttercup Melody1:04
E5Wedding Celebration0:42
E6The Adventure Guild0:53
E7The Library And Museum1:48
E8Stardew Valley Fair Theme1:54
E10Festival Game0:55
F1Spirit’s Eve Festival2:09
F2In The Deep Woods2:09
F3Piano Solo (Elliott’s Theme)0:25
F4A Stillness In The Rain (Abigail’s Melody)1:04
F5Music Box Song1:15
F6Pleasant Memory (Penny’s Theme)1:00
F7Mines (Star Lumpy)1:44
F8Mines (A Flicker In The Deep)1:25
F9Mines (Cloth)1:46
F10Mines (Crystal Bells)2:52
G1Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)3:20
G2Winter (The Wind Can Be Still)2:51
G3Winter (Ancient)3:05
G4Mines (Icicles)1:41
G5Mines (Marimba Of Frozen Bones)1:54
G6Mines (Visitor To The Unknown)2:08
G7Mines (The Lava Dwellers)2:59
H1Mines (Magical Shoes)1:47
H2Mines (Danger!)1:52
H3Echoes (Sebastian’s Theme)0:43
H4Land Of Green And Gold (Leah’s Theme)1:24
H5Grapefruit Sky (Dr. Harvey’s Theme)1:14
H6Winter Festival1:25
H7Night Market2:12
H8Submarine Theme2:08
H9Mermaid Song1:10
H10A Golden Star Is Born1:57
A1Sun Room (Alone With Relaxing Tea)1:44
A2Grapefruit Sky (Pasta Primavara Mix)1:26
A3The Happy Junimo Theme0:46
A4Movie Theater1:46
A5Crane Game0:30
A6Wumbus (Movie Theme)0:51
A7Exploring Our Vibrant World (Movie Theme)1:38
A8The Zuzu City Express (Movie Theme)0:33
A9Movie Theater (Closing Time)0:56
A10JuminoKart (Title Theme)1:39
A11JuminoKart (The Gem Sea Giant)2:03
A12JuminoKart (Slomp’s Stomp)1:20
A13JuminoKart (Ghastly Galleon)2:34
A14JuminoKart (Glowshroom Grotto)2:06
B1Ginger Island2:40
B2Professor Snail’s Radio1:29
B3Volcano Mines (Molten Jelly)2:47
B4Volcano Mines (Forgotten World)2:51
B5Mystery Of The Caldera1:19
B6The Gourmand’s Cave0:42
B7Pirate Theme1:04
B8Leo’s Song1:41
B9Summit Celebration3:00
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Item as described, packed beautifully, delivered quickly despite COVID restrictions. Super seller!
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